Countries where the Petrol Price is Cheaper than Iran

# Country 1 Liter Price
1 Lebanon 635.117 IRR
2 Venezuela 845.968 IRR
3 Libya 1307.318 IRR
4 Kuwait 14347.530 IRR
5 Algeria 14384.213 IRR
6 Iran 15000.000 IRR
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About Countries where the Petrol Price is cheaper than Iran

Here, you can find a fresh list of those countries where the gasoline (or petrol) price is cheaper than Iran. The fuel price collection data (i.e., Gasoline price in Iran, etc.) is listed below in the table. The currency information (i.e., IRR) was last updated on 2024-02-28 22:05:00 (GMT Time). Some countries of the world are missing in the above list.
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Fuel Type Date Updated
Gasoline (Petrol): 2024-02-26
Diesel : 2024-02-26