About the website:

The OilPricez.com is ongoing data science project, which is owned and operated by SIGMA GLOBAL SMC-PVT LTD. It is an informational portal for the crude oil price that is based on US-Oil spot market. We display the oil price in two units which are Barrel and Litre, which are presented in all currencies of the world. The oil price is being updated with two (2) minutes interval, while currencies' information are being updated once in every hour of the day. It should be noted the oil price is estimation and being calculated from the spot market rates (i.e., FOREX).

Future Work:
1. Oil price (Petrol, Diesel, etc.) in local markets
2. Energy prices in local markets
3. Oil price prediction using Data Science

Please Note:
We do not buy or sell any service or thing (e.g., oil, etc.)
We are a free oil price information site only. We do not provide any personal investment advice or valuations of oil, etc.)