Petroleum Prices in USA

Types of Fuel Price in USD
1 Liter Gasoline/Petrol: 0.73 USD
1 Liter Diesel Price: 0.48 USD
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Crude Oil Price in US Dollar

WTI Crude OilPrice in USD
1 Liter Crude Oil : 0.51 USD
1 Barrel Crude Oil: 80.42 USD
1 Barrel Today Low: 80.04 USD
1 Barrel Today High: 82.91 USD

Please note that the prices mentioned above are calculated based on the current exchange rates and WTI crude oil prices (mentioned below). These figures are used to derive the prices listed above and are subject to change based on market fluctuations. Here is the breakdown for your reference:

1 Barrel Crude Oil = $80.4 USD
1 Barrel Volume = 159 Liters

Electricity Price in USD
Electricity Residential 0.096 USD
Electricity Commercial: 0.085 USD

Barrel Price of Crude Oil in us dollar

Total Barrel/s Current Price
1 Barrel 80.4 USD
5 Barrel 402.1 USD
10 Barrel 804.2 USD
20 Barrel 1608.3 USD
40 Barrel 3216.6 USD
50 Barrel 4020.8 USD
100 Barrel 8041.5 USD

Price per Litre of Crude Oil in USA

Total Liter/s Current Price
1 Litre 0.5 USD
5 Litre 2.5 USD
10 Litre 5.1 USD
20 Litre 10.1 USD
40 Litre 20.2 USD
50 Litre 25.3 USD
100 Litre 50.6 USD

What is the Fuel Prices in USD?

Welcome to the Petroleum (Gasoline oil, Diesel, Petrol, Crude Oil, LPG, Electricity) prices in USD per Litre, Barrel, and Gallon.. We provide the prices of both commercial and residential tariff of all types of energy in us dollar. This page is about the different units of Gasoline (aka Petrol), Diesel, LPG, Gass, Kerosene, Heating Oil, Electricity, Crude oil, etc. The above informations are provide subject to our policies, disclaimer, terms and conditions.

Note: The crude oil is based on spot market

The crude oil was last updated on 20-Jul-2024 16:04:02 (GMT Time), other fuel, etc. information is listed in the following table .

Energy price data collection (freshness) information:

Gasoline /Petrol: 2024-07-15
Diesel : 2024-07-15
Electricity Residential 2023-12-01
Electricity Commercial: 2023-12-01