Countries where the Petrol Price is Expensive than Switzerland

# Country 1 Liter Price
151 Switzerland 1.793 CHF
152 Greece 1.809 CHF
153 Liechtenstein 1.840 CHF
154 Norway 1.846 CHF
155 Barbados 1.854 CHF
156 Netherlands 1.876 CHF
157 Denmark 1.893 CHF
158 Iceland 2.012 CHF
159 Monaco 2.028 CHF
160 Yemen 2.246 CHF
161 Hong Kong 2.738 CHF
162 Syria 4.934 CHF
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About Countries where the Petrol Price is expensive than Switzerland

Here, you can find a fresh list of those countries where the gasoline (or petrol) price is expensive than Switzerland. The fuel price collection data (i.e., Gasoline price in Switzerland, etc.) is listed below in the table. The currency information (i.e., CHF) was last updated on 2024-02-28 21:05:00 (GMT Time). Some countries of the world are missing in the above list.
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Fuel Type Date Updated
Gasoline (Petrol): 2024-02-26
Diesel : 2024-02-26